Monday, February 20, 2017

"Key to My Heart" Beaded Key Tutorial

Reference: EA0127

I tried to make this key for weeks! Tried various stitches and different materials and finally end up with a tubular herringbone and ladder stitch beaded key. [I'm probably not naming the stitches correctly. If that's the case, I apologize.] I was hoping to finish it before Valentine's Day... Instead, I had already missed the day when I finally succeeded to edit the video and upload it to youtube. I'm publishing this post a little late too! However, I couldn't overlook this project. I'm so proud of it!
The video tutorial (watch below) isn't very thorough. It is not a good project for beginners. To be able to make the "Key to My Heart", you have to know how to make ladder stitch and tubular herringbone. Here are a couple of complementary diagrams to help you out.
List of materials used:
  • 8mm glass pearl;
  • 6mm round;
  • 11/0 Miyuki seed beads;
  • 15/0 Miyuki seed beads;
  • headpin;
  • beading needle size 12;
  • beading thread.
The heart shaped bow was inspired on MarielBeadsandBeyond Beaded Jewelry tubular herringbone heart. Instead of using 3 15/0 seed beads to join the two ends of the heart, I used 1 15/0 + 1 11/0 + 15/0 and went through the beads again, skipping the 11/0 seed bead.

Video tutorial

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