About Us

O Espírito das Artes is an original handmade jewellery project. It was born as a hobby in 2012. The purpose was to cover a wide range of handmade crafts. It started with polymer clay works, passing through some scrapbooking and sewing projects. Later, we discovered beading and foccused on it.
This project has been full engaged in jewellery since 2014. Back then, we began to design our own patterns and published our first video tutorial on YouTube in 2015. Our work has evolved over the years such as our goals and aspirations. Today, O Espírito das Artes creates exclusive beading designs and do it yourself tutorials. 
We want to teach, inspire and develop creativity. We found the thing we love the most and this is what we intend to continue doing in the future.

➽ Too late to stop now!
💎 O Espírito das Artes - Jewellery with Beads 💎

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